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How we do it?

We provide our outsource bookkeeping clients with no-cost client acquisition marketing, promotion and leads generation support services, designed to help accountants develop a steady flow of qualified leads and referrals, to grow their client base and incomes, without having to invest in expensive marketing and Internet programs.

This service allows accountants to grow their business without having to do telephone cold calls prospecting.

The leads we generate, are competition free and delivered direct to your email inbox at no-cost

Our client acquisition system is unique. We use direct promotion to put our bookkeeping outsourcing clients in front of owner operator Truckers and SME Business Owners looking for accountants and bring them to connect with accountants in our directory.

To raise the profile of our clients, we market and promote the business profile and services of our client accountants with a customize Landing Page Website with a video  presentation, to motivate visitors to stay longer on the landing page website and connect with the accountant.

This no cost client acquisition marketing and leads generation service system, is designed to make it easy for our outsource bookkeeping clients to get more clients and internet exposure to develop market dominance without having to invest in expensive internet marketing programs promising to put your business at the top of search engines.

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We also employ a Find-an-Accountants-Near-You marketing system to bring business owners looking for their next accountant to connect with accountants in our directory, looking for more clients.

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In addition, we raise the internet presence of accountants on our truckers bookkeeping support service, by customizing the look and message of their business profile.

To allow our clients to gain market dominance, the landing page we create if focused on promoting the business with active links to capture the visitor attention and make it easy to navigate.

Click this landing page link to view a demo landing page showing the type of active links that can be included.

Click this Customized welcome video link  to read more about the role welcome videos play in generating leads and getting to dominate your market and create a strong flow of visitor referrals.

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To Accountants outsourcing 25 truckers bookkeeping client or more for bookkeeping process management service each month, we provide an exclusive locked in leads ownership service.

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We lock-in the business postal code or zip code of accountants listed in our directory under a first request leads ownership system.

This customized service sends all leads generated from within the locked in postal code or zip code of these accountants, direct to the email inbox at no cost for as long as the business is in our directory.

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Leads to your inbox include leads from:

Our talk to an accountants marketing

Telephone Request an accountant system  

The Bottom-line!

Outsource your truckers bookkeeping management needs to us and grow your client base and incomes at the same time, at no cost.

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