Accountants high volume bookkeeping support


Let us do the bookkeeping and save.

Employing an in-house bookkeeper is expensive. The cost savings is not just salary. You will save money by not having to finance the following direct cost.

Payroll taxes, vacation and sick days, medical insurance, retirement plans and other benefits. 

Plus each time you need to add or replace a bookkeeping to do your truckers bookkeeping, you will have the expense involved in advertising, taking time to conduct the interview, screen and training the new bookkeeper.

Keep in mind that truckers bookkeeping is a specialized area, so instead of having to invest time and cost training a new bookkeeper for this client group, simply eliminate the hassle by outsourcing that segment of your bookkeeping to us.


With our fixed fee outsourced bookkeeping service and our ability to ramp-up to meet any level of workload growth, you can with confidence focus on growing your truckers bookkeeping client base.

We are the best outsourced bookkeeping business partner for
Truckers Accountants

Accountants with a high volume of truckers bookkeeping clients who prefer not to use the available document upload tools, can elect to establish a special Client Service Agreement to send the bookkeeping document received from their truckers bookkeeping clients, as received from their clients, as paper, to our Bookkeeping Scan Document data centre in Barrie, Ontario.

At this centre bookkeeping paper documents received by accountants from truckers, would be sent to this office where each client document will be scanned and uploaded to our Cloud Server for bookkeeping data capture by our bookkeeping data capture team in Barbados.

At the end of each bookkeeping process month, the original paper documents are returned to the accountant or direct to their clients, based on a cost associated SLA.

Summary of Deliverables

The Bottom-line

We will process your truckers bookkeeping paper invoices and receipts and provide you with meaningful tax ready bookkeeping data and reports and allow you to provide the required bookkeeping, accounting and tax service to truckers without having to sort and process any of the invoices, receipts and paper.

We help accountants go paperless with their truckers bookkeeping clients without having to invest in any related new technology or service delivery infrastructure.

Our bookkeeping support system offers you a real opportunity to grow your truckers bookkeeping and tax services revenues, without having to grow your staff and infrastructure costs. 

This means you will be able to focus on acquiring an unlimited number of new owner operator truckers as clients, with the sound knowledge that, you have an experienced dependable truckers bookkeeping team to support your client growth.