Data Security and Disaster Recovery


We know that Data Security and Disaster Recovery is a primary concern to all companies. As a result, we address the security issues with a professional and comprehensive set of solutions that include.

Daily Data Backup to Offsite Computers in Toronto

Automated in facility Daily Scheduled Backups:

Daily workstation level-2 Julian files backup

To External Drive

AND To the Cloud


Every day at a time specified our computer runs an automated backup of all bookkeeping data files, ENCRYPTS the data for security using a special alpha numeric military grade Encryption key and password, which is randomly created by our computer.

The encrypted data is automatically sent to the cloud as well as to a dedicated backup computer in Toronto, Canada daily.

This data security and data management system enables us to easily restore data if applicable for any reason, as well as guarantees easy none disruptive disaster recovery.

Workstation computer Management:

        → No USB access

No Printers

→ No Internet access

► Work centre management

     No Cell Phones or Smart Phones allowed in the facility






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